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Spark plug indexing washers INDEXING WASHERS

Jacobs Electronics recommends that spakplugs be indexed for maximum engine performance.   Indexing entails setting the orientation of each plug to ensure that the side electrode does not shroud the spark from incoming fuel mixture and cause incomplete combustion.    The job is made easy by Jacobs' ultra-high heat conductivity all brass sparkplug indexing washers.    Available for 12mm flat seat and 14mm flat or tapered seat plugs.   Includes 30 re-useable washers of assorted sizes and complete instructions.
Spark plug gapping pliers GAPPING PLIERS

Jacobs' exclusive design pliers feature quick gapping with increased accuracy from .025" to .085" (0.6mm to 2.2mm) for any style side-electrode plug.   Precisely sets gap between centre and side electrode with one easy squeeze.   Saves time and allows for more precise gaps.   Accomodates long and short-reach plugs.
Dial-back to zero timing light DIAL-BACK TIMING LIGHT

A dial-back-to-zero timing light with unique features designed to simplify and improve tune-ups on any vehicle.    Timing is always reviewed from the big , clear TDC mark and degrees read off the dial on the back of the gun.    The timing light accurately delays the flash so it will appear at TDC.   Other features include accurate timing to 60 degrees and 12,000 rpm, inductive pick-up, plug-in replacement cord and a checklight to assure correct connections.    Packaged in a heavy-duty chrome case.

This simple, easy-to-follow book explains the fundamentals of ignition and parts diagnosis with the objective of guiding the reader to achieving the greatest increases in engine performance, fuel efficiency and reliability while spending the least amount of money for parts!    Dr. Jacobs shares his 30 years of automotive experience with insiders' tune-up tips and recommendations unavailable from any other source.    Essential reading for anyone interested in what makes a vehicle's ignition "tick".

Jacobs Electronics has just released a new, unique and exclusive accessory for its industry-leading Pro Street ignition systems.    Called the Uphill Power Module or UPM for short, it connects to the Pro Street Energy Pak and modifies the energy pack's digitally controlled spark output upon sensing a vehicle's tilt or angle.    The increased spark output results in significantly better throttle response and eliminates plug fouling caused by extreme angles.    Ensures the hottest spark and best throttle response when off-road or 4 wheel drive applications need it most.

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