Ignition Coils

Energy Coil 530 ENERGY COIL 530

The energy coil has the highest output of any non-variable coil available.    It is constructed from chrome plated steel and is oil filled for better internal heat dissipation (less than one degree temperature rise per 10 watts).    The coil is completely sealed and can operate in any position.    It is extremely rugged and can withstand up to 23G shocks.    An excellent choice for moderate to mid-performance applications and most daily drivers.
C-4 Coil C-4 COIL

Only the C-4 offers the flexibility to operate vehicles from stock to full race with just one coil!   No need to select the "best" coils for street or strip.   When you want the best, its C-4.   The C-4 uses an 85:1 turns ratio, which yields impressive voltage and current levels so you can run larger gaps for more power.   The adaptive nature of the CMD/VMC technology ensures maximum performance, minimal heat generation, faster "rise" time and quicker, cleaner cycling.   With its competitive price, technology, performance and compact design, the C-4 is ready to take out the competition!

The Jacobs Electronics Ultra Coil is the highest performance, most durable coil on the market.   Capable of being used in almost any OEM or aftermarket inductive or capacitive discharge application.   65,000 volts ensures that power output does not drop off under load or at high RPM.    The high-silica encapsulant works with the finned housing to keep the coil's operating temperatures to a minimum even when overdriven at high voltage.    Fully weather and heat resistant, the coil can withstand severe punishment.    It is the coil of choice when only the very best and highest performance level will do!    Suitable for all applications from daily drivers to "blown" nitrous injected dragsters.

The Ultra Torquer Coil offers the strongest spark available for low to mid-range driving by applying the spark energy in the low rpms where you need it rather than spreading it out through the engine rpm band.    That transforms into impressive torque gains, quicker acceleration and more gas mileage.    Perfect for towing, off-road and street performance.    Packaged in an electric blue, water and heat-proof housing, Ultra Torquer Coil can withstand even the toughest environments.    Easy to mount and fully encapsulated, it fits virtually any vehicle with a distributor.   Maximum RPM range 4,400 rpm (V8), 6,600 rpm (6 cyl), 8,800 rpm (4 cyl).

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