High Performance Ignition Packs

Energy Paks are not to be confused with OEM/factory computers or simple add-on hot spark or multi-spark ignitions.
Jacobs' computer controlled ignitions modify spark output in response to changing environment and running conditions.   (US Patent #3,827,418).   By tailoring spark voltage, duration and phase angle for each cylinder on every power stroke, all Jacobs Electronics' computer-controlled ignition systems are guaranteed to improve performance, gas mileage, engine life and lengthen intervals between tune-ups.

Pro Street Energy Pak PRO STREET

The finest street ignition available.    Produces the absolute maximum in power, low and high end torque, mileage and engine life.   The Pro Street Energy Pak uses variable spark technology to provide the correct amount of spark for all engine conditions including accelerating, decelerating, cruising and idling. RPM to 8,500.    Use for street and race applications whenever maximum performance and MPG is needed.
Mileage Master Energy Pak MILEAGE MASTER

Milder than Pro-Street, delivers smooth, fuel efficient power with emphasis on mileage, low and mid-range torque.   RPM to 7,000.    Illustration shows the Mileage Master Ultra Team comprised of the Mileage Master Energy Pak plus the Jacobs Ultra CMD Coil (a compact version of the Ultra Coil) mounted overhead. Particularly suitable for utility and 4WD, large or heavy vehicles and any applications where economy is a concern.

Digital sparking specifically for imports!    In response to demand for performance products just for imports, Jacobs Electronics has developed the i.C.E. Pak!   Exclusive features are: "start retard" (< 600 RPM) making cranking/starting easier, high RPM ability (20,000 RPM +), digital capacitive discharge and super fast multiple sparking across 11 degrees of crank rotation (no arc-over inside the distributor cap).   Ideal for 4 and 6 cylinder high performance imports.    A "must-have" if running nitrous or turbo-charging.

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